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Welfare Activities


'Knowfair' , a combination of two words, 'know' which is from Knowledge, and 'fair' from fairways, strives towards creating, building, enhancing and disseminating knowledge. Currently, 'Knowfair' is developing Students specific services and e-guidance products, addressing the needs of those belonging to the North Eastern part of India. 'Knowfair' offers expertise in print media, television software and media consultancy (exhibition solution, event recommendation, web presence and promotion, ambient media solution, including outdoor media ). It also offers e-commerce solution.

As we are all aware, every year many students from the North East come to Delhi for better prospects and opportunity yet we cannot deny the fact about the problems which these students are facing. The problems range from Career counseling, information gathering, to Accommodation and settlement, as a result of which, students get demoralized, frustrated and deterred in proving their potential in their respective fields.

Considering these problems, 'Knowfair' started a project termed Project Assist after doing two Primary researches undertaken both in Delhi as well as in Guwahati. In Delhi, the sample was researched to find out what problems the students of North East have to negotiate during their pre and post settlement phase. Similar research conducted in Guwahati was to determine the factors preventing in coming out of their native region and availing opportunities for better Education and career outside.

To Channelise the Youth Power in a socially enriching direction, we at Knowfair have created our solution package to harness the Youth Power of the North East by :

Creating guidance mechanism to guide the aspirants to the opportunities outside North East for further studies and employment ( which can lower pressure on the meager resources of the states both in employment and Education).

Creating a very strong database of the four Universities and 81 Institutes/Booming IT and Management Institutes/Prospering Professional and Vocational Institutes/Best of Engineering and Medical Colleges.


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