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We had the pleasure of introducing you to our efforts in understanding and creating a community for ambient advertising and related industries.

We had launched our Ambient Media Newsletter on May 23 ,2000 .

The objectives of this newsletter are :

1. To create and foster relationship and synergy amongst all constituents of this advertising industry.

2. To create a platform for knowledge sharing and interaction for enhancing transparency and brotherhood.

3. To discuss, debate and take view on the issues and happenings impacting this industry

4. To help to improve quality in ambient advertising, so that advertisers and other constituents get better value for their spend.

The newsletter will be fortnightly to begin with.
We request you to help and assist us in understanding the media better through your valuable comments and suggestions as we believe every small contribution each one of us make in development of this newsletter will go a long way in making ambient advertising more matured and transparent.

For subscribing to the newsletter , please email to us your complete professional and occupational details along with your complete contact address , phone no.s and e-mail address .

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