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Knowfair is currently operating in the following areas :

1.Knowfair offers its Management Consulting expertise to its valued clients. Apart from working for large clients, specific areas of interest are in SMEs/ NGOs, who are pontential drivers and distributors of growth. Its consultancy ranges from Strategic to functional in diverse sectors. Knowfair is actively involved in consulting and matchmaking for overseas investment also.

2. Knowfair offers the complete range of services of an advertising agency. Our clientele comprises of companies from varied fields such as Real Estate, Construction and Contracting , IT Enabled Services ,Solar and renewable Energy providers, Chamber of Commerce ,Media , floriculture and poultry.

3.Knowfair offers Expertise in Print, Television Software (Knowfair Television) and Media Consultancy( Exhibition Solution,Event Recommendations, Web Presence and promotions, Ambient Media Solutions including Outdoor Media). In case of Ambient Media we also offer consultancy for outdoor media ventures anywhere in the world .We consult Municipality Corporations for evaluating advertising potential of media properties , which can serve as additional revenue generation option .

4. It is building couple of Media Portals specific to Indian sub-continent. These Portals will create Virtual Communities for these Media leading to e-commerce.

5.Competitive Intelligence Services for select Industries. We offer Research Findings on many Media, focus being Print, Outdoor, Exhibitions and Television. Monitoring and Tracking of Media Services are also available. Please e-mail to us for further details and rates.

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