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Web Presence & Promotions

Our Web Services for Portal Development and Websites

Strategy Development and Project Management

Strategic Planning and Information Design

Project and Production Management

Design Development and Programming

Portal / Web site design and development

Graphic Design.
User Interface Design.
Content Development and Copy Writing.


Java Scripting
VB Scripting
Virtual Reality

Site Promotion
Media Research and Planning
Site Management Services
Server set up and Configuration

Our Process
Receive Brief Determine client needs from brief
Discuss client needs with clients/account management
Prepare both strategic and creative plans
Synchronise strategic and creative plans
Present text proposals to client to express ideas and concepts
Upon client approval of proposal, prepare final
Upon client approval of Scope of work and Quote, begin preparing designs and schematic for review
Upon client approval of designs and schematic, begin production
Present production schedule ,this will include dates for both the client and the agency Begin creating graphics, copy, layouts, technical architecture and buy any necessary media
Collect all necessary elements from client (this is an essential to proceed with production) Meet all production checkpoints (meetings with client) and continously review project with client (via phone, fax, e-mail)
Have final review of project
Launch project
Follow up period of five work days (unless maintenance is agreed as part of contract) to troubleshoot
Plan and organize maintenance tasks and schedule (if part of contract)


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